Ursula got married!

And what a beautiful wedding it was.

Ursula has been my dear friend for many years, a big supporter of my music and of me personally. I've grown in deep ways because of our friendship. She's also the wonderful lady who watched my house and took care of my cats when I was traveling. (She spoiled the cats rotten, even carried Sammy the Cat to the litter box in the basement several times a day when he got freaked out down there for some reason. Good woman, that Ursula.)

Then she met a Brazilian doctor in Minneapolis. Then the doctor moved back to Brazil. Then Ursula followed him there. They were married in September in a civil ceremony in Sao Paolo. But she was longing for a celebration with her Minnesota family and friends.

Would I play the harp at the wedding back home? she asked me. 

Would I play the harp at the wedding??? OF COURSE.
Ursula chose "The Bridal March" for her processional
and I found a South American dance to play for the recessional.
A blending of musical cultures.

 The wedding was at the Red Sky Lounge. Dramatic lighting, modern decor. Great sound system (thanks to the nice DJ who set up that mic for me.) Ursula was glowing, so happy. She looked more beautiful than I've ever seen her look in that flowered one-shoulder little dress and her hair up and carrying that gorgeous bouquet of orchids. I'll admit it. I cried through the entire ceremony. I hope the photographer managed avoid any shots of me blowing my nose. So glamorous.

 There were orchids on the table, too.

And then there was cake. Oh, was there cake. 

And so much celebrating, catching up with friends. And much wishing joy to the happy couple, now and always.


If you have to play the harp in the winter...

...it should always be at a gig with a fireplace. Always.

This winter has been so mild. So when the temperature dipped down to the teens on the day I had this gig at the Wow Zone in Mankato I felt pretty wimpy about taking out the harp. Warmed up the car, wore my boots and down coat, hurried with loading and unloading the harp. But sitting by that fireplace for two hours and playing for the weekend diners made my shivering (and, I'll admit, some whining) go away.



City harp gig

My alma mater, Minnesota State University-Mankato, asked me to play for an Alumni Foundation fundraiser. A swanky cocktail hour in the Dowling Studio at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. I jumped at the chance to be a part of it all and had a great time talking to deans, professors and supporters, reminiscing about my time at good old MSU.

The view was distractingly beautiful. Floor-to-ceiling windows 
overlooking the sparkling city of Minneapolis across the river.

 My friend (and the hiring party) Ann Rosenquist Fee 
confiscated my camera and took this artsy shot from the stairway.

This room was fantastic. That metal wall? It was an overhead door
that opened onto a dining area with a stage. 

A stage, people. I wonder how much rent would be on that room if I just moved in. I'd never have to take the harp out again. People could come to me for concerts and events. Just "bzzzzzzz" and the door would open from my living quarters onto the performance area. And that view...

Oh, a girl can dream. Which I did while I played, while people clinked cocktail glasses,
while they shook hands and laughed made more of MSU happen.


Blog style updating

Things looking a little different around here? I've enlisted the help of a smart, HTML-savvy, creative (and very, very, very patient) friend and am playing with the layout and style of my blog...also trying to figure out what I'll want for a new header.

I'll let you know when things are final and would love your feedback.


Valentine's Wedding

A cold February afternoon with a wild wind, but inside was all warmth and romance and love. Valentine's Day is on a few days away. And what better way to celebrate with a wedding?

With a harp playing and red dresses and roses
to help set the tone.

Days like today are the reason I present at those wedding shows. I get to meet brides, hear about their wedding dreams, talk about music (and dresses and flowers)...and then I get to add the sound of my harp to it all, like lying down a soundtrack for their romance. Happy day.