The thanks I get

Jingle Belle likes to sit on the back of the couch and survey her domain. She's safe there, and out of the way of Harry and Sam's boy-cat antics.

The nest I've had there for her was pretty ragged. Clawed up, full of holes, covered in hair, kind of stinky, not cushiony anymore. So I got her a new one last week - all fuzzy fleece and soft, so soft.

And this is the thanks I got.

I picked her up and put her in the new nest thinking she'd turn around a few times, do some kneading and snuggle right in. But she popped out of it like it was on fire and hid her face in the cushions of the couch. Tail-end toward me. No amount of coaxing could get her into the nest. After a day or so I started searching for the receipt to return it.

Then I walked by and saw this.

And this.

Oh yeah. Belle and the new nest are one.
On her own time.


  1. Nancy Knutson9/13/2012

    Girl cats have attitude!! You really have to earn their relationships. Boy cats are almost (I am loathe to denigrate them so) like dogs - slavish in their devotion. Love them both!!

    1. Yes, Belle is the Queen B. She keeps everyone in line, including me! (While the two boy cats are lying all over me...)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, she's a beautiful girl.
      There's never been a more perfect cat face than Belle's.

  3. Parisbreakfasts forwarded me your post because she know I would swoon over the lovely Belle and her two-tone toes. I only have nine cats of my own so you know how starved I am of cute cat poses. That Belle, she's a heart breaker.

    1. Aren't her toes great? 4 white paws, 1 black toe.
      NINE cats? Wonderful!