Not how I wanted to spend $50

Nope. Not on these.

I've been playing the harp so much lately and have been putting in longer hours at work. Last weekend when I was playing at a wedding, I started thinking that I deserved a treat. Nothing extravagant. But something nice. Something pretty. Maybe a new ring I've been coveting from the Arhaus Jewels catalog, all silver and big freshwater pearl. Maybe clicking "order" on my amazon.com shopping cart. Or maybe a little visit to the Chanel counter at Macy's for a new lip gloss shade for fall.

Then the harp cart got a flat tire.

Those tires have a big job to do. 
The harp weighs 100 pounds. The cart itself is nearly 75 pounds.
Wobbly, squishy tires just won't do.

So I stopped at C&S Supply after the wedding and told the first guy I could find that I needed tires. What size? he asked. Ummm...I said. So I took him out to the truck and showed him the cart. Wow, he said. Then he wrote some stuff down and led me into the very back of the store to the tires. 

$50 gone, just like that. So long, San Remo ring. See you later, amazon.com cart. Forget about it, Chanel.

My nice Dad...

I called him when I got home and told him I had a flat tire, would he help me fix it? Where are you, I'll come get you, he said, Dad-style. On my porch, I said. Where? Dad asked. The cart and the new tires are on the porch, I said. Oh, Dad said. You didn't tell me it was the harp cart with a flat tire.


He changed the tires in 15 minutes. I rolled the cart around and it was perfectly balanced, absolutely steady. Tried to squeal out around a corner to show off the nice tread. He rolled his eyes, Dad-style. His visits are always a treat.


  1. If I had $50 and had to spend it on something practical, I would probably still buy something fun and then be out $100. If I lived on my own without Mr. Financially Conservative, you can see how I would be in big trouble.

    1. Oh, you tempt me, Rachael.

  2. You have a sweet dad
    That's worth a million bucks!

    1. I know, Carol. He's the best!

  3. Have you thought about solid tires. You'll never again have a flat.

    Dads are the greatest, especially the ones that help replace harp trolley tires. (smile)

    1. I have, but the harp is very heavy (and very delicate) and needs some cushion when going over rough ground and up/down stairs.

      I can't complain - the old tires have worked since 1997!

  4. You can still get those shoes!
    It's a TAX right off!
    And so are the shoes! :O

    1. You are evil and you are right.

      I'm going to.