Harps in old churches

 An old Methodist church in a small town in southern Minnesota. 
Waiting for the wedding guests to arrive.

There are a lot of things to worry about when you know you're going to play the harp in an old church. Like if you'll be able to fit the harp and cart through the narrow doors. Like if the building will be air conditioned. Like if you'll be able to fit the harp in at the front without having to place it high up on the platform and thus distract attention from the bride and groom.

But mostly, I worry about being able to manage to haul the harp up the flights and flights of stairs old churches always have on the way to the sanctuary.

On Saturday, I needn't have worried about the stairs, though there were plenty.
This old church had been updated with an elevator. Miraculous.
Harp in, push the button...

...and up...

...and up some more...

 ...and voila! 
The harp at the sanctuary level and I didn't even have to get a hernia 
or break a sweat lugging the harp up stairs.

And we're ready for the wedding to begin, easy as that.


  1. I'm glad to see old buildings are finally being updated with ADA requirements. Our church has had an elevator for a while, though only from ground floor to sanctuary. Tough luck if you want to get into the balcony!

    1. Harps just don't go up into balconies. They just don't.

  2. Very impressive!
    what a committment..I doubt they would have this in Paris on offer..ahem

    1. Parisians could learn a lot from people in Winnebago, Minnesota. In church and out.