Whatever, spring

You just couldn't wait, could you? You had to get all 80-degrees in March and all above-average temperatures in April and just totally confuse everything. We didn't have our spring wardrobes ready. We hadn't even put away our space heaters and we suddenly had to make room for oscillating fans.

But we adapted. Yeah, we're Minnesotans. We embraced the warm weather. "Spring is here!" we said with confidence to each other over the garden fences and on the sidewalks. We started up our mowers and dug our white shoes out of storage and started dreaming about aperitifs on the porch. But outside...

The bleeding hearts are 
already blooming their hearts out.

And then, you do this to us. 

Freeze warnings, two nights in a row.

I'm sure it was you I heard laughing as we all raced around covering up our gardens. I'm sure it was you I heard snort with evil glee when you saw us pinning down the coverings with rocks against the wind you decided to whip up, just to top things off. I'm sure I heard you snicker and wheeze, "Good luck keeping Harry away from them..."

...when I had to bring the pansies inside 
and water them in the kitchen sink.

Well, if we have a bare and dull May, it's because you just wouldn't wait to do things right, could you? It'll be your fault if you miss out on...

The Angelique tulips. Remember them? Delicate pink and green.

The mini daffodils. So cheerful. So trusting.

The fern peony that gives you two extravagant,
bright fuchsia blossoms every year.

So fine. Fine, spring. Go away for a while. We prefer if you acted on time anyway. Doesn't bother us at all. We have plenty to do inside that we didn't get done because of your early tease. 

Like finishing our winter knitting with Jingle Belle.

Fine. Take your time. Maybe we'll notice when you come back.


  1. Yes, there is where-did-you-off-to-Spring sadness, over here in the NE toooooooo. Not only coolness, but wind. My gracious me oh my oh mercy, the winds!

    But the weather man said nice weather was on the way. He did! He did! He did! And he is a very nice weather man and I will believe him. ,-)

    Yes, I'm gullible that way.... :-)

    And what a simply beautiful blog you have here, my Dear! Lovely... I've been whizzzzing around in it, and greatly enjoying myself.

    Since I love harp music, must get-me-some-of-your-music, too!!!

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Auntie! We had frost again last night. My poor blossoms! I hope the wind calms down there for you. I hope you stop back often!

  2. I hope spring is listening Amy...! Have a wonderful weekend... xv

    1. Thank you, Vicki - and you, too, over there in Provence! I just got a shipment of new books from amazon.com, so our cold, rainy, windy weather forecasted this weekend is just fine with me. And Belle tells me there's lots more knitting we have to do...

  3. LOVE yr double sink!!
    Love the cat messing with yr knitting..
    Who put Mom Nature in such a tough spot in the 1st place?
    WE DID IT!

    1. I know. And now we suffer. And knit, with cats.

  4. cat is the best :)

  5. Susan P.4/13/2012

    Love your writing style! This post really made me laugh. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Susan! You have to laugh. It's better than the alternative!