What's left after Day One of the garage sale

Sale runs Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon. 
(Yes, 7 a.m. Special attention will be given to those who bring coffee and croissants...)
637 Nicollet Ave, North Mankato 

Wow. It was such a wonderful, lovely, joyful parade of my stuff leaving the garage with smiling people that I didn't even have time to get sentimental. I loved seeing who wanted what, and was delighted to see some favorites go to some really special friends.

Things were looking a little bare at 7:00 when the sale ended for tonight. So I brought out a few more things and rearranged what was left. Here's a sampling. If something sparks your interest, stop by!

Cool old windows. 

More cool old windows. Priced to move. 
What do you do with cool old windows?
Use them as room dividers, paint them, hang them on the garage.

Or do this to them.

And while you're at it, snag this awesome, comfy, shabby couch and chair. A bargain.
Cushions included.


 Or tea?

 A handmade rag rug in delicious sherbet colors. Big. Soft. You need it.

Next trip, take one of these oldies.
Or use them as a really awesome side table. Store some books inside.

Spruce up your kitchen with this super-handy baker's rack.
Those doors to the left? Use them as a headboard, a garden accent, a place to hang wreaths.
Or use them as a door.

 The loveliest old buffet. Sand it, paint it, put a piece of glass on the top and...wow.

And now for some artsy shots...of viburnum and green bowls.

Pink tatting and embroidery.

The tiniest teacup you will ever see.

And I hope to see you Saturday!

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  1. Hi! Did you end up selling all of your old windows? I am a fellow Minnesotan looking for old looking windows with window panes (exactly like the white ones in the picture "cool old windows" and if you have any left I would be interested in them. You can email me at taykad@gmail.com if you do. Thanks so much!!