New harp photos

My friend Ursula had a great photographer for her wedding. And the location, the Red Sky Lounge in Mankato, had such dramatic lighting. So after the family photos and the bride and groom kissing shots, the photographer came over to where I was playing for the cocktail hour and started shooting. Here are the results.

The harp always looks bigger in photos than it feels when I'm playing it.

Mid-Canon in D.

Dreaming of wedding cake.

Getting the giggles. Happens every time a camera's pointed at me.

See my asymmetrical haircut? Longer on the right side.
Matches my seeking, searching, off-kilter life these days.

Thanks for the great shots, Jeremy Depew!


  1. WOWZA!!!
    These are FAB! great lighting, great everything
    you look great too
    can you use them for yrself?
    I would

    1. Thanks, Carol! Yes, I have permission to use them as I will. And oh, I will!

  2. Anonymous4/17/2012

    And I used to think that Michele Bachmann was the prettiest woman in Minnesota!! Not any more. You are Amy!!

  3. what's his number?
    can he do that to me?
    do I need to have a harp..?

    1. I can give you his number, but he'd probably charge you mileage to NY!

  4. I can see why you'd wanna leave these up for a while...maybe a month or so
    simply gorge!!
    molto jealozo

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