My first garage sale

Sale runs today from 3-7 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon.
637 Nicollet Avenue, North Mankato, Minnesota (out of town? worth the trip!)

...I'm thinking it will probably be my ONLY garage sale. Wow, the time I've spent getting ready for this - sorting, cleaning, setting up, pricing. 

Loot sample. There's more. Muuuuuch more.

And the emotions I've gone through while doing so. Oh, my heart. Each piece that's going on the sale has some kind of lovely old dream attached to it. My friend Gwen and my Mom came over to help me set up the other night and each time they commented on something, my heart would clench and I'd say, "I love that! I was going to (paint it, fix it, make a room divider out of it, make curtains out of it, turn it into a pot rack for the kitchen, make a headboard out of it, turn it into a lamp, make pillows out of it, put it in my garden, use them as candlesticks...) but I never did." Gwen said I should have called this a "...But I Never Did" sale. True.

Now, it's time. As much as I've loved having all this great, shabby, vintage, potential-filled stuff waiting in the garage for me, it's time it goes to people who will love it and use it. I've talked here about how how my priorities and passions have changed over the last few years. My garden has been neglected. I've spent more creative energy on writing and my harp and traveling and seeking than on decorating my home and turning old window screens into a room divider (...but I never did). I've been sorting through years of accumulated treasures and have made countless trips to the thrift store. They know my truck by sound now.

 But you can't really take 100 old windows to the thrift store...

Here's a sampling of what else is going on the sale. And don't faint - I'm even selling some Jadeite. I know. I surprised myself, too.

Vintage linens, old windows, a vintage secretary desk.
15,000 vintage hankies @ $1 each.

The cutest old chicken coop you've ever seen.
(I was going to raise chickens in my backyard....but I never...you know)

Sweet vintage dishes and prints. Flowers...

 Accumulated little "doo-das" (as my Mom called them) awaiting creative touches.

Pretty. (And they go with Fire King Jadeite, if you must know...)

Used to be in my first apartment, then on the porch, then I was going to put them in a baby's room...
but then I just never had a baby.

As promised, Jadeite. Yes, there are more pieces than Jane Ray pattern cups and saucers.

The coolest assortment of terra cotta pots EVER. 
I used to plant something in every single one of these things. Can you imagine???

Everybody needs goddesses frolicking in the garden, don't they?

And more vintage linens.

So, here we go. It's supposed to be pretty cold this weekend. But I'll have the chiminea fired up to keep cozy. Hope you'll stop by.


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    1. Thanks Mick! It was a crazy afternoon, but I think things went well.