Music at the winery

Yes, Minnesota has wineries. Many of them. Three within 25 miles of where I live. And one of them, Indian Island Winery, asked me to come out and play for their Friday happy hour(s) a couple of weeks ago.

It was a cold, terribly windy, very rainy night. The perfect night to hole up in a cozy place and enjoy some wine and some live harp music, if you ask me. And many brave souls agreed with me - there was a nice little crowd sampling the vintages and listening to me play.

The picture is a little fuzzy as my photographer (Mom!) had also been sampling the wines...

...and they only got fuzzier as the night wore on!

I can't drink much when I play - you wouldn't want to hear the results. But during my second break, when there was only about 35 minutes left to play, I did sneak into the tasting room.

I had a few samples and highly recommend the Petite Ami. 
You'll swear you're drinking a rose!

Ah, wine and harp music...

After the last set, I spent some time chatting with a Facebook friend about her own harp playing quest. I love talking about the harp almost as much as playing it. And then I collected the harp, bench, music stand and music...

...and Mom...

...and drove us all home in the wind and the rain. A lovely evening, and thanks to all who came to listen!


  1. Wine...women and harp song!
    what more could one need?
    Oh Paris macarons.

    1. All that, IN Paris...then we'd be set!