I need shoe advice

I'm really, really, really picky about the shoes I wear when I play the harp. They have to be the right heel height so I can work the pedals easily (high heels are better, as I have really little feet). The toes can't be too pointy, or they'll get in the way of the pedals. And the shoes have to stay on my feet so all this can happen.

In the main interest of them staying on my feet, I've taken to wearing shoes with straps. Good thing shoes with straps are in now...

Wide straps...

Dainty little straps...
(This was an outdoor wedding. In the rain. 
I had to throw those shoes away afterward.)

Funky T-straps for wedge sandals...

Patent Mary Janes...
(This was taken outside the Louvre in Paris...

 but they've also put in good, hard time as harp shoes.)

I love these suede T-straps...
(Taken after a rehearsal at home - I usually don't wear sweatpants when I perform.)

And these. I wore them at last year's Irish concert...

A couple weeks ago I was shopping for shoes to wear for an event that didn't involve the harp. So I could get shoes without straps, right? Wrong. I tried on every single pair of chunky-heeled pumps in Minneapolis. And not one single pair would stay on my feet when I walked. No amount of doctoring helped, either - ball of foot pads, heel grips, total inserts, all three - my heels slipped right out. As I said, I have small feet and I was trying on size 6 shoes (the smallest size available) - but what's UP? Have my feet shrunk? Have shoes sizes gone up slightly? 

Will I have to wear shoes with straps everywhere, all the time? What if shoes with straps go out of style? How the heck do YOU keep shoes on your feet? 

Desperately need shoe advice. Desperately.


  1. God I hate shoe shopping more than anything else in the world! I can never find what I like and get totally overwhelmed at the large quantity to choose from. I am short, but heels hurt my feet so they have to be something that is ultra comfortable which is so hard to find. Once I find a brand that is comfortable, I try to stick to that, but even that strategy doesn't always work. Thank goodness for Zappos which has free shipping and free returns. Sometimes I get 4 pairs and send them ALL back! I feel for you!

    1. Thank you for the sympathy! I'm obsessed with this problem. Spending way too much time and energy in shoe departments. But Zappos - that plan is great. Thanks also for that advice!

  2. Amy- I'm on a shoe hunt too but have not found the perfect pair that is worth the splurge. I just found these at Target- I'm hoping they will be as functional as they are cute. They come in several colors. http://www.target.com/p/Women-s-Merona-Milena-Suede-Wedges-Assorted/-/A-13382677#?lnk=sc_qi_detaillink

    Zappos is great and so is 6pm.com I believe they are also owned by Amazon but it's a shoe outlet.

    1. Thanks for the advice - I'll check 'em out! Shoe obsession...

  3. I fear that my advice and options would not be well received. BUT...since you asked....to keep my shoes on, I tie the laces.

    Perhaps you could try a dot of super glue or "shoe goo" on your heel to keep the shoe on. Double stick or that fancy boob tape? good luck

    1. You're hilarious, Mick. But really...heels with laces. Hmm...you might be onto something.

  4. "What nice toes you have,"
    said the Wolf!!!

    Yummy shoes I must say.
    Why do you need advice? I think yr doing just fine.

    1. Thanks, Carol. Just worried about not looking weird...and not falling down. You know, little things.

  5. Hi it's been a long time since I stopped in to say hello.. Loved what you said today on Corey's blog, ... Exactly how I'm feeling these days... Simple , smaller ... Travel instead. Love your shoes.. Geez Zappos! Free shaping there and back every single brand you can think of shoes from everywhere and cute cute cute ones... If I ever see strapped heels that I love I'll send them along.