The world is his perch

There are comfy, soft, fluffy cat beds all over this house. And Sam The Cat decides to perch...


and here...

(good grief)...

and here...

 and here...

and here.
(OK, this place is pretty comfy and soft...)


  1. Thanks for your lovely long comment on my blog from last week. Today, I finally responded to it there! I had not yet a chance to see the re-design of your blog, either, so I came by & I want to tell you it looks *great*. I love it!

    You already know my son's name is Sam, but maybe you did not know how much I LOVE black cats, and how I've had two of them! I miss having a cat some days, until I remember that keeping them fed, healthy, and happy can be a bit of a chore, especially in an apartment where quarters are tight enough for the humans that live there, lol. I loved seeing these pictures of your cat, though, and am glad to have a kindred spirit as black-cat-lover. :)

    Be well, Amy, and thanks again for being a faithful reader. I appreciate it a lot. :) Hope you are enjoying the blossoming springtime!

  2. Sam the Black Cat showed up on Halloween...how could I NOT keep him? Three cats in a house is a lot to deal with, but it's a lot of kitteny love, too.

    Thanks for the positive comment on the new blog design, Karin. I'm liking it, too.