News flash: Harpist breaks with St. Patrick's Day tradition!

 We're talking Amy Kortuem, The Harpist.
 And Fish Frye, popular local acoustic duo, made up of
The Harpist's friends Ann Rosenquist Fee and Joe Tougas. 
Photo by Nicole Helget (taken of Amy pushing wine at Ann's Bad Mother Music performance)

We all knew there would come a time when we would meet up on the performance schedule. We all kinda dreamed it would be at some big-stage events with a light show and a tour bus and stuff. We certainly knew it would NOT be on St. Patrick's Day, when The Harpist is usually performing her Irish harp concert with her Celtic Band.

Well, it turns out that this year, The Harpist is NOT giving a St. Patrick's Day harp concert because she's managed to contract a series of bad viruses over the course of 7 weeks and she's been thinking solely about naps and tea and various over-the-counter remedies and what she can eat without suffering...repercussions...instead of thinking about Irish music. Sadly.

Then it turns out that this year, on St. Patrick's Day itself, Fish Frye is scheduled to sing at the Wine Cafe in downtown Mankato as the evening band. A band that needs a warm-up act, a happy-hour gigstress, somebody who plays Irish music...

And that was that. The still-weak, pretty-tired and really-sick-of-sitting-on-the-couch Harpist will be performing her all-time Irish favorites from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. Using the Fish Frye sound system to boost her still-scratchy voice on some emotion-filled Irish songs. It will be hailed as her "back from the dead" show.

And then Fish Frye will take that warmed up crowd, add some whiskey and some Zevon, and shenanigan it into the warm March night.

Both The Harpist and Fish Frye hope you can join them. Wear green. Practice your Irish jigs.

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  1. Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better, Amy! It sounds like the Fish Frye gig was the perfect, oui, classy way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day! xo