Ursula got married!

And what a beautiful wedding it was.

Ursula has been my dear friend for many years, a big supporter of my music and of me personally. I've grown in deep ways because of our friendship. She's also the wonderful lady who watched my house and took care of my cats when I was traveling. (She spoiled the cats rotten, even carried Sammy the Cat to the litter box in the basement several times a day when he got freaked out down there for some reason. Good woman, that Ursula.)

Then she met a Brazilian doctor in Minneapolis. Then the doctor moved back to Brazil. Then Ursula followed him there. They were married in September in a civil ceremony in Sao Paolo. But she was longing for a celebration with her Minnesota family and friends.

Would I play the harp at the wedding back home? she asked me. 

Would I play the harp at the wedding??? OF COURSE.
Ursula chose "The Bridal March" for her processional
and I found a South American dance to play for the recessional.
A blending of musical cultures.

 The wedding was at the Red Sky Lounge. Dramatic lighting, modern decor. Great sound system (thanks to the nice DJ who set up that mic for me.) Ursula was glowing, so happy. She looked more beautiful than I've ever seen her look in that flowered one-shoulder little dress and her hair up and carrying that gorgeous bouquet of orchids. I'll admit it. I cried through the entire ceremony. I hope the photographer managed avoid any shots of me blowing my nose. So glamorous.

 There were orchids on the table, too.

And then there was cake. Oh, was there cake. 

And so much celebrating, catching up with friends. And much wishing joy to the happy couple, now and always.


  1. What a beautiful wedding! (And the cakes look amazing!)

    1. It was so beautiful. And the cake - I could only try 2, they were so decadent!

  2. Barbara2/29/2012

    So sweet!

    1. Truly. Sweet, romantic, classy.

  3. Susan P.3/01/2012

    I really like the look of your new website, and the pictures from the Guthrie Theater are spectacular!

    1. Thanks so much, Susan! I'm so glad you chimed in to tell me what you think. Hope you're well.

  4. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Amy, it was just wonderful to revisit my wedding through your thoughts and pictures of that night which were just lovely. After all that we have gone through in our friendship, it was not only an honor to have you play your harp during the ceremony, it was a prerequisite. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I miss you already.
    Love Always, Your friend -

    1. Urs - it was my pleasure. So beautiful. Can't wait to see more pictures!!!