If you have to play the harp in the winter...

...it should always be at a gig with a fireplace. Always.

This winter has been so mild. So when the temperature dipped down to the teens on the day I had this gig at the Wow Zone in Mankato I felt pretty wimpy about taking out the harp. Warmed up the car, wore my boots and down coat, hurried with loading and unloading the harp. But sitting by that fireplace for two hours and playing for the weekend diners made my shivering (and, I'll admit, some whining) go away.



  1. Ahem...just wondering what happens to the side that isn't facing the fire?
    Or do you turn the harp mid-way thru?
    My practical side is concerned...

    1. You're hilarious, my little brioche. I'll work on getting a harp rotisserie machine for next winter's fireplace gigs.

  2. Hello. I just stumbled across your great blog via 'My French Country Home'.

    I'm currently looking for my first pedal harp. Could you give me some pointers as to what to look out for. I'm based in the UK, and they're all very expensive here, so a used one will be more appropriate for me.
    Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Oh my. It's been 15 years since I last bought a pedal harp. There are harp groups out there that could probably give you more info that I could, with better advice. You could try The Harp (harp connection.com) and see what they offer, and make some contacts.

      My best advice would be to make contact with a harp instructor. They are usually in the know about harps available in your area and what kind might be best for you. Good luck!