My beautiful writing assistant

Jingle Belle, all ready to get to work.

It's so hot outside, there's nothing to do but seek the cool. To pull the velvet curtains and hole up in my gorgeous office near the window AC unit and write, write, write, write, write.

Belle is a great little assistant. She's sweet and cuddly. She scrunches down in my office chair next to me and purrs. She lets out an affectionate "rrrRRRRRrrrr" if I move (which keeps me in my seat and on task). She looks up at me once in a while, blinks her beautiful green eyes, goes back to sleep. She says she'll quit if I don't mention her in my memoir.

Oh, you're in there Belle. First appearance: page two.


  1. Dear, darling Belle of the cushion balls - how come she doesn't pull those off anyway?
    Does Belle do housecalls?
    I surely could use an occasional nudge to the writing muse.
    I've always resisted cats but yours are endearing.

  2. I'm in love...
    x x x