A harpist at the fair

It's county fair time in southern Minnesota. And no matter which fair you attend, you're likely to see...

Old tractors

New tractor...machine...accessory...thingeys...

Historical exhibits

Screaming kids on rides


But some county fairs are luckier than others. Take the Faribault County Fair in Blue Earth, Minnesota. They had the special attraction of...
...a certain harpist...

...playing for fair-goers. 
(The crowd did get bigger as the day cooled off a little,
and after everyone was done with milking and chores.) 

In an impressive show of personal strength, I avoided indulging in the cheese curds, corn dogs and snow cones. I'd just finished my metabolic cleanse and wasn't sure how fair food would affect my newly detoxed system. It sure smelled good, though. After 10 days of eating only fruits and vegetables and drinking this slimy sludgy protein cleanse thing, oh, did it smell good.

And I'm still waiting to hear if I won this beauty:
Raffle tickets were only $1.00!!!!
Can't you see me pulling up to harp gigs on it? 
With my harp on a hay cart? 

1 comment:

  1. Don't you look MIGNON!!
    I was surprised to see a harp-player at TASTE OF TIMES SQUARE playing along with all the grazing ging on..
    Who knew it was obligatory?
    Perhaps you could have showed up for Bastille Day to play La Marseillaise..?