Images from "Song of Ireland"

My photographer friend Rick just gave me these photos he took during my "Songs of Ireland" concert in March. (Rick is wonderful. He works for free tickets and for his tip, he got to buy me dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and watch me almost die from the hot green sauce. Yeah.) Rick photographed me for my "All Hayle to the Days" and "The Month of January" CDs. He has the patience for my antics and giggling and constant do-overs (priceless). And I love his work.

The scene is set. 
(I'm glad somebody remembered to light the candles!)

The Celtic Band.

Mom says she always gets nervous when 
I pick up the microphone to introduce songs. 
I have been known to tell some stories about her from the stage...

Megan dances up a storm -
those are her hard shoes for the hornpipe.

Ann and Sara joined me to sing "Ave."
(Speaking of shoes, theirs stole the show!)
And this is my favorite photo from the night.
This is how I FEEL when I play.
I had no idea I LOOKED that way, too.

The concert was beautiful. I loved every moment - and it all went so fast. I'm still working on getting some video techy-ed up to share with you!

Photos compliments of Rick Apitz, Shayds of Color, New Ulm


  1. Barbara4/07/2011

    Sorry to have missed your March concert. Will wait for you to "techy up" the video so I can see it on-line and pretend I was actually there! Love your Ave...

  2. Adorable!
    tell Harry he has not been forgotten BTW!

  3. You look simply angelic.
    Rick can have his green sauce I suppose...