Prima Vox - fire on an icy morning

Our first performance of 2011 was actually supposed
to have taken place on December 12, 2010.

That day a blizzard was raging outside so the service was (wisely) rescheduled. Today was the day. It was a great decision all around. It gave Prima Vox one last chance to sing our beloved Christmas chants and songs, to give special encore performances of my "Ave" and "Fire & Ice," and to start 2011 with the sound of our voices.

Fire & Ice was the theme of the service, actually. The "ice" was taken care of the by morning temperatures (-2 F, I'm not even kidding). The "fire" was set by our sizzling performance, of course, but also by the burning bowl ritual. The congregation members wrote down what they wished to release during 2011 on pieces of paper and burned that paper in the fire set at the front of the fellowship. 

That flame, the ice outside, the girls singing "Fire & Ice" with me one more time...it was the perfect first performance of the year.


  1. Anonymous1/03/2011

    A general comment:

    Amy, I enjoy your blog for its simplicity, classiness, and nicely down photos.


  2. Anonymous1/04/2011

    Amid the "fire" and "ice" was your coolness in dealing with the ditsy worship leader having a panic attack over the burning bowl :-)

  3. -2 F
    I can not even imagine
    no wonder they set the place on fire to keep y'all warm!
    You are a brave soul Amy.