Intrepid or insane?

This was the temperature in my car this morning 
when I set off to play at a church in Lake Crystal.

Insanity, to set out across the prairie on such a cold day? Not when there was a church full of people waiting for me to play for them. Not when I was excited to perform the world premier of one of the pieces I'd written in Ireland this summer. 

Nope, I'm Intrepid Harpist. And it's my job.

P.S. Did you know that a synonym for "intrepid" is "plucky?"


  1. Oh my, that is way too cccolddddd!
    Sending some warm vibes your way, Amy. xx

  2. Hi Amy, I'm a visitor to your blog via Tongue in Cheek, and always enjoy your posts. Converting that temp to celsius (which makes sense to me here in England) made me shiver! Have you seen the harp stamp in Corey's online shop? Surely made for you!
    Good wishes, Karen

  3. wow
    VERY plucky indeed.
    Didn't the harp strings cry out in protest?
    I would have...