1-1-11 Wedding

I'm betting the groom NEVER forgets his anniversary. Nor will the couple forget their gorgeous New Year's Day 2011 wedding. Outside was frosty and cold, inside was warmly lit and filled with friends and loved ones.

And the bride was perfectly ruffled and so sparkly.

I loved performing for their ceremony and cocktail hour
and being a part of that elegance and joy.

The bride was thinking optimistically past 1-1-11, however.
This is the music she chose for her recessional:
"All in a Garden Green."

If this is an indication of the line-up of 2011 weddings ahead of me, it's going to be a beautiful year!

P.S. I am so easily distracted by shiny things. 
Look at the bride's bouquet! It's made from vintage satin roses, 
white feathers and vintage rhinestone brooches. Dazzling.

1 comment:

    Bonne chance on future wedding musicals!
    LOVE the wild bouquet.
    Bet she didn't toss that one away...
    One must wonder about the blue garder as well...