I'm in my office

I've been procrastinating about writing. I hate hauling the computer around, having to share my "work space" (a.k.a. the couch) with three cats, having no desk and never a pen or a certain book or a picture when I need it.

So I made a decision. The cute little room next to my bedroom, which I've used for a dressing room and a reading/relaxing room for years, was going to go through a transformation.

Before: couch, rug, mirror, armoire.

After: a real office.

In it is my vintage desk I had stored away, my Paris mementos, a sassy red lamp or two, my books, my papers, my pens, my scarves from Paris and a new rug that I miraculously found to fit my specifications: pretty, with blue and red it.

I love it. I'm in here all the time. Everything I need is within reach. I have a radio to play Minnesota Public Radio, a few candles I brought back from Notre Dame and all around me is Paris. I even held my first important meeting in my office the other day...

...with my assistant, Harry.
I had to write him up for sitting in the boss' chair.