Harp practicing attire

My friend stayed with me on Friday night because of the snowstorm. She patiently put up with my harp practicing (listening to the accompaniment parts to choral pieces is not the most pleasant experience). And when I walked to the kitchen to get more tea, she said, "Wow, you're fancy tonight."

I was confused, because she's seen my new lounging-around outfit before.

It's grey velour and very warm. And very sparkly.
It was on sale, too.

Then she pointed to my feet.
Oh. Yeah. The shoes.

I got them to go with the dress I'll be wearing when I accompany the MSU choirs on Sunday. I always practice the harp wearing shoes with a heel because it makes working the pedals easier. Since I don't wear pink fluffy slippers when I'm performing, I don't practice the harp wearing those. And since these shoes are new, I wanted to get a feel for how they would move on the pedals. It all makes sense, right?

Until I forget and walk around the house in front of other people. Always, always entertaining at Amy's house. In one way or another.


  1. Very cute shoes! And the velour outfit looks might comfy. I wish my life allowed me time to go to your concerts. Every time I plan to attend something with family comes up and I am drawn away from my plans. :-( One of these days, I'll get there. I enjoy hearing you at Toody's in Henderson, but I would really enjoy hearing you play in a real concert setting. :-)

  2. You really know how to dress up an outfit! Both are adorable but probably best to be kept separate :O

  3. How pretty :)I love those shoes!

  4. Wonderful and perfect shoes!!