The case of the fallen harp

There is no sound like a harp tipping over. I've heard it too many times in my years as a harpist (never with the concert harp, thank goodness, but still). Playing outdoors in the wind, performing around vigorously celebrating people, entrusting the harp to not-too-attentive guardians...all ingredients for a shell-shocked harp and a very upset harpist.

I heard it again tonight. I was upstairs working when I heard it — that solid smack followed by the painful ring that doesn't stop for a long time. The house was quiet for a second, and then I heard something suspicious: the jingling of a cat collar.

I ran downstairs and found the evidence. 
My lap harp was on its side on the floor. 

I'd left it beside the couch, where I'd held it while working out a couple of new melodies (sometimes, composition is best accomplished while reclining...). The harp was fine, thank goodness. But I was determined to find the culprit. The suspects:

This one in her nest, looking like she's dreaming only of cat chow.

This one seeming more interested in perching in the place
where the lap harp usually rests.

And this one...hiding between the coffee table and my purse,
avoiding eye contact, looking verrrrrrry innocent...

The jury's still out — who do you think is the guilty party?


  1. Susan P.4/24/2010

    Hi, Amy,

    I know that you're planning your trip to Ireland, and wanted to suggest that you look up O.R. Melling while you're there. You may recall that she's the author of a series of four novels which she calls "The Chronicles of Faerie", set in Ireland She has a website, from which one can link to the aforementioned blog, and appears to be very approachable. She mentioned in a blog entry last year that her books might be made into a television series. I remembered this factoid the other day and thought that such a program might need Irish harp music which you, of course, could provide! Anyway, if you like her website and work, you might consider meeting her. Just an idea!

    Susan P.

    P.S. I vote for the white kitty, who looks as though she/he only recently took up her post!

  2. Oh, Amy--I love your blog! Can't wait to meet you in Auvillar! xo Jamie

  3. Hmmm...it's tough to tell who is the culprit but I'm taking a wild guess. I vote for the white one. Look at how she looks I can see it in her eyes. LOL...They are all adorable by the way.