St. Patrick, St. Brigid, St. Columbkille...and the Loch Ness Monster

 I covered them all at the last concert of this year's Irish Season. 

St. Patrick's Breastplate - or his Lorica, calling in the natural elements and his God for protection.

Invocation to St. Brigid - a Manx song women would sing at the doors of their homes on February 1, Brigid's feast day.

St. Columba's Prayer - a song attributed to St. Columba (Columbkille). And who wouldn't pray to this guy, as legend has it he once turned away a mighty monster coming out of Loch Ness and converted the Picts trembling beside him. (It's one of the first documented mentions of Nessie, thanks to an Irishman.)

I also serenaded the intimate crowd at Church of the Holy Communion in St. Peter with songs by Turlough O'Carolan, the most famous of the Irish bards, and with other beautiful, traditional Irish melodies.

It was a lovely way to end this year's Irish Season.

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  1. Barbara4/01/2010

    You look so much like an angel in this photo! Adds visual depth to our internal resonance with your heavenly music.