The harp at Naniboujou Lodge

It was a spur-of-the-moment trip for me. Mom called the week before last and asked if I would join her and my Aunt Sheila for a weekend at Naniboujou Lodge on the shores of Lake Superior at Grand Marais.

WHAT? The week before a concert? It only meant one thing: I would have to take the harp along. Mom and Sheila didn't argue for a minute!

We crammed everything into Mom's car and hit the road.
The harp makes a nice pillow for a mid-trip nap.

While I've been to Lake Superior many, many times (I've written about them here and here), I've never visited in the winter. The Big Lake didn't disappoint. 

 The icy shores and the brisk breezes and the rocks are just as magnificent
in the winter as they are in the summer and fall when I usually visit.

Naniboujou Lodge has often been called "the Sistine Chapel of the North Woods" 
because of its painted dining room. A French-Canadian painter used
Cree-inspired designs and colors to capture the spirit of the legends
of Naniboujou, the Cree spirit of the outdoors.

And that fireplace! It's touted as the largest stone fireplace in Minnesota.
I was warm and toasty in front of it while I played for dinner 
on Saturday evening (my practice time for the day).

Another guest at the lodge that weekend was Curt Olson of Track Seventeen Productions, Inc. He specializes in ambient recordings, mostly natural sounds. But this time he got out his sound equipment and captured a harpist in her natural habitat, playing for people. You can hear part of that recording at his sound blog here.

Mom and Sheila and I had a beautiful weekend of reconnecting and discussing lots of topics, including spirituality and healing. We chose animal totem cards for fun and read about what we can learn from the creatures. Sheila chose the butterfly for transformation. Mom chose the swan for grace. I chose the turtle for honoring my creative source. All very pertinent to our individual life paths.

 And at a lovely gallery in Grand Marais, look what we found: 
rings to symbolize our messages. Perfect reminders of our time together.


  1. Susan P.3/16/2010

    What a spectacular lodge! It's DEFINITELY going on my list of places to visit.

  2. Barbara3/17/2010

    The rings you, your Mom and Aunt all found as exquisite reminders of your journey together and symbolism of your individual life paths feels especially poignant.