Wedding on the shore of Lake Superior

My cousin, Andy, and his beautiful bride, Amanda, asked me to play for their intimate wedding north of Duluth, Minnesota. "The ceremony will be right on the shore of Lake Superior," Andy said.

And he meant it.
Those waves were about two feet from the harp.

It rained the night before and looked threatening the day of the wedding, but the skies cleared when I got to the lodge at Two Harbors. It was windy and cold, but so touching and romantic, our hearts couldn't help but be warm.
Can you tell we were shivering? Nah.

Andy and Amanda wanted unique music for their wedding. Since we live hundreds of miles apart, they called one night and I played for them over the phone. When I got to my own "Nine Waves" and "Caipini Jig," Andy said, "Yep, that's what I was hoping you'd play!" Good kid.

This may have been the most beautiful sight of all.
It was quite a hike from the parking lot to the shore
and Uncle Joel and Cousin Ben saved my back.

The wedding reception was filled with delicious food, great conversation and so much laughter my whole body hurt the next day.

Congratulations, Andy and Amanda, and thanks for including me in your celebration!