Music, poetry and wine

The Cambria Eisteddfod at Morgan Creek Vineyards chose the perfect day for their celebration of music and poetry. The Celtic Band and I set out for the day of adventure and entertainment.

We gathered under the great oak (oak = sacred to the Celtic bards).

And set up, waiting for the poets to arrive.

They each read their poetry magnificently. The famous poet-judges conferred, debated and finally chaired their bard. And we played into the lovely afternoon. We revived some of our music from the Gymanfa Ganu concert last September, and revisited some old favorites. Great fun to play in such an artistic, beautiful setting.

Never played quite so close to a tractor before.
But then Morgan Creek is a working winery.

Martha plays so beautifully.
But Sam, why the funny look on your face?

Oh, I see...

...not a bad idea!
(It's a winery, after all...)


School of Art, Mankato

Thanks to some ambitious dreamers in the Mankato area, a new School of Art has opened in the old Wesley Building. And I was asked to play during the opening.

Not a bad view from where I sat.
And the harp sounded great in there.

Mike Gimmer, owner and creator of the school, listened intently to the music. I could see the wheels turning. He's got a concert in that beautiful space all planned, complete with great sound and lighting (his specialty). I'll keep you posted.


Prima Vox, Commissioned Artists in Residence

It's official.
Here we are, the newly commissioned
Artists in Residence at Church of the Holy Communion.

With shiny St. Cecelia medals to prove it.
She's the patron saint of music.
And yes, she's playing a harp.


Artists in Residence

Sometimes after Prima Vox rehearsal, Ann, Sara and I sit in the post-singing glow and dream. Big.

And many of our big dreams have come true. Like building our repertoire to the point of giving our own concert. Like having groups and venues asking US to perform rather than us always searching THEM out. Like having our own wardrobe mistress and makeup artist (ok, that's still in the works...)

But one dream we thought would never happen: "Wouldn't it be great if we could be artists in residence somewhere...someday?"

Then, out of the blue, my friend Richard Tostenson called me. His church, The Church of the Holy Communion in St. Peter, was proposing a collaboration which would make us...artists in residence.

"Yes," chorused the Voxes.

We now have our own dedicated rehearsal and performance space. We have regular services to participate and perform in. An Evensong service and commissioning rite to prepare for. Anglican chants and responsorials to perfect.

The natural habitat of the Voxes:
Church of the Holy Communion in St. Peter.

Dreams are good.