Well-loved carols

 This is the book I take out every year at Christmas time:

I've had it as long as I've had the harp. It's missing its cover. It's beat up. It's been marked up and scribbled on and carried around to events and dropped in the snow and played from nearly to the point of falling apart. Every year I think I'll treat myself to a new copy of the book...but then I look through it and realize it's just too full of memories to replace.

Jingle Belle did some damage to the binding when she was a kitten.
She couldn't resist that tempting red spiral.

These are notes for performing "The Coventry Carol"
at a madrigal dinner in college. Zoey and Kristin sang it beautifully.

Christmas Eve 2001, I don't remember where.

I wonder what I meant by that little row of dots
above the Am7 chord there...hilarious.

I colored these holly leaves green
during a break in the action when playing
at a day care center's Christmas party.

The book gives an easy version and a more advanced version of each carol. The first Christmas I had the harp, I could play a grand total of two easy-version carols: "The First Noel" and "What Child Is This?" These days, I just use the melody and guitar chords for reference for my own arrangements as they come to me.

I realized a couple of years ago that because the book is set up A-Z, I've played every single holiday gig in Christmas carol alphabetical order. Hee hee. The book will be my friend until I'm done playing for Centenary United Methodist Church's Christmas Eve services. Then it will go lovingly back on the shelf until next year (binding hidden because Jingle Belle is still really just a kitten at heart...)


  1. I love the Coventry Carol!!

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  3. How appropriate that 'Jingle Bell' should go for the Xmas music to knaw on..?

    Your cats are just as funny as you are!!

    I didn't know your cats,Zoey and Kristin sang :O
    What a talented bunch you all are...