Images from the Wine Cafe

When I played at the Wine Cafe on December 18th, a friend grabbed my camera and took these awesome shots. They capture the atmosphere, the mood, the spirit and the swankiness of the Cafe perfectly.

Amy and the bartender.

The crowd (a.k.a. the view from here).

It was a cold night.
I played fast to keep warm.

Though it was cold, I'm glad I brought The Big Girl
(the Lyon & Healy) for her rich sound.

Artsy shot through the strings.

There were special appearances by Rick Kramlinger on "O Holy Night," by Sara and Ann of Prima Vox on "The Old Yeare Now Away Has Fled" and the entire crowd on "Silent Night" at the end (thanks for singing everyone!). Can't wait to play at the Wine Cafe again...maybe even with the Celtic Band next time! Stay tuned...

photos by Ann Rosenquist Fee


  1. Susan P.12/31/2009

    Hi, Amy! I found your blog through a link from Cold Antler Farm, and have enjoyed reading about your creative process, compositions and performances. I've loved classical music since childhood, studied piano as a child and still play a little. My husband and I are enthusiastic subscribers to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra here in Denver, and often drag our protesting teenage sons along! You said that your agent had advised you to start a blog for publicity, and after reading what you have to say I'm going to buy your most recent CD - so I suppose it's working! I don't think I would have discovered your recordings without your blog. As I'm only a classical music fan and not an artist, it's interesting to hear someone talk about how they compose. I'd love to hear more about how you were inspired by the statue of Cupid and Psyche (correct?). I have a B.A. in English Literature and continue to read literature, history, philosophy and many other things, although I'm now a practicing attorney (I highly recommend all the works of Dickens, but ESPECIALLY "Our Mutual Friend" and "Little Dorrit"). Your blog provides a welcome connection to the arts!

    Although I'm originally from
    Texas, we lived in Milwaukee for 3 1/2 years, so I love hearing about and seeing pictures of Minnesota in your blog as well. Part of me still misses those horrible winters! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos. Susan

  2. Susan, thanks for writing! Minnesota is giving us her worst. I wonder if you'd miss it here that much now!

    You asked about Cupid & Psyche. My first trip to Paris in April was an awakening in so many ways. When I saw the statue in the Louvre during my second Paris visit, the statue and the symbolism of Cupid awakening Psyche and the tension of that almost-kiss, almost telling me what lies ahead -- it just undid me. It's become a symbol of my own awakening.

    Thanks again for reading. Stop by again!