Unleashing my inner troubadour

Underneath that Celtic exterior
lies the soul of a medieval troubadour.
(I guess that's true for both the harp AND me!)

I’ve completely neglected to mention that I’ll be accompanying Prima Vox with the harp on a few songs during our Sacred & Profane Love concert Friday night. I’ll be standing up and playing, thus the precariously stacked stands. Easier to sing, more medieval-like.

Kinda like the lady in this woodcut,
except there won't be any guys in tights there Friday (we hope).
And, of course, my harp is bigger. I like it that way.

Anyway, it’s not often that the harp comes in second to singing in my musical life. It’s become even more rare that I play my beloved early music on the harp.

But Prima Vox has awakened the sleeping troubadour in me. Some of the songs needed a little something…more. So I brought out the harp one night during rehearsal a few months ago. I played close to the soundboard for a lute-like sound (prĂ©s de la table, for you harp techies) on some pieces, percussively on others, melody on a couple more. “Yeah,” the other Voxes said. “Yeah, the harp is IN.”

I’ll be playing a solo medieval dance tune toward the end of the concert tomorrow. Don’t ask me which one yet…it’s down to two and I played them over so many times last night trying to decide that I gave myself my first-ever blood blister on my left hand 4th finger. All those open 5ths in the bass.

Ow. But it sounds so good…

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