It's snowing...


The viburnum shrub in the back garden is losing its snowball-like blooms.

It went from lime green to heavenly white
in the past two weeks but still smells fresh and sweet.

It was gorgeous this year and so full of blossoms it fairly bent to the ground if it rained. And to think, four years ago this thing was a $3 sad-looking stick I got on deep, deep clearance at the garden center.

Now the grass is covered with its petals.
So are my toes.

It's sad to see the virburnum go. But the guard is already changing.

Hello, peonies!


When you go to a wedding at the lake, be sure to bring your fishing pole

Sometimes I dream about living in a home by the lake. In this fantasy, somebody else would take care of the boats, the dock, the beach, the lawn, the trees and the wildlife and I would just be able to enjoy life at the shore. Listen to the waves. Watch sunsets over the water.


The closest I’ll probably ever get is to have a friend with a lake home…and to play for weddings at them.

It was a gorgeous day. I arrived extra early (lake homes are notoriously hard to find) and had some time to wander around after I set up.

Checked out the fishing gear.

Made friends with the ring bearer.

Convinced him that it was NOT a “great idea” to jump from the dock into the pontoon boat. Talked about how uncomfortable his shoes were and how very, very, very hard it was trying not to get dirty.

Played a nice long prelude, as guests decided to wander down to the lake and take their seats early. I would have, too, if I were them.

Lovely ceremony.
We all laughed so hard when the groom’s cell phone rang
during the sermon (nice cover, Pastor Chris).

And off the couple went, married.

The little boys headed back to the dock.

The harpist? She stopped at the DQ on the way home. No better treat for a happy day and job well done than a cherry Dilly Bar.

What are you up to this weekend?

Us? Oh, we're not doing much.

Just hanging around.


Doing a little furniture repair...

I don't think I've formally introduced the cats. That's the gorgeous and oh-so-hairy Harry lounging on the lamp table at the top. Then the sweet and beautiful Jingle Belle resting on the wicker settee. And the devil -- I mean sleek and silky little black cat -- at the bottom is SamTheCat, showing me exactly where said wicker settee needs a little fixing.

All relaxing together on the porch on this lovely spring morning.