The City That Doesn't Sleep

My first trip to New York was thrilling. Exhausting. Very, very, very fun. I must have walked 100 miles. Seen 1,000 sights I'll never forget. Watched 1,000,000 people walk through Times Square. Here are a few highlights.

First of all, a little lunch at Roxy's Delicatessen.
You know, to fortify myself.

Then a stroll through Central Park. Loved the music.

Strawberry Fields in Central Park.
I do imagine, John. Every day.

Walking shoes. Not.

Hi Lady. Out there across the water, in the rain.

Oh America.
I left half my heart and a lot of tears for you
at Ground Zero.

Top of the Empire State Building.
It was midnight.

And then, a short subway ride away, peace.
The Cloisters.

Spring has come to New York, too.

A candle in St. Patrick's Cathedral
and a prayer for New York.


Day brightener

Lovely little tulips, smiling in the sunshine.

I picked just a few to put in a vase beside my bed. To help with that difficult waking up process I go through every day.


Mother's Day

Mom and I had a lovely day together, going to an outdoor art show in St. Peter, having lunch at the Food Co-Op, checking out the garden centers. Then we went to her house to see her garden.

Look what we found in the arborvitae bush by the front door.
Happy Mother's Day.